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I'm a genderqueer correction artist who has a passion for psychology, animation, storyboarding, physiology, bio-mechanics, genetics, and weevils. Feel free to ask me anything!

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I post a lot of things dealing with: fandoms, art,, games, and animation. My strongest fandoms are: Game of Thrones, Metalocalypse, Sonic, Rick and Morty, and Venture Brothers.

WARNING: I sport, according to tumblr's society, unpopular opinions. I am a humanist, but rarely subscribe to the tumblr SJW version of such. Sorry. Wait, no... I'm not. :)

If you want to avoid my opinions, you can easily follow my art blog [located at top] or also click here if you're too lazy to look up.

Posted on 18th Mar at 9:52 AM, with 14 notes

That moment you realize you have a friend that looks like King Candy, a friend that looks like Turbo, and a coworker that looks like Surge. And how awkward drawing anything above pg13 will be because of this…

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